COVID - School Safety Measures

We care about the safety of our students.

In the total understanding of the pandemic that is affecting the world, Early Learning Foundations, is implementing the following:

We have hired a trained professional to clean and sanitize the entire premise after classes. Making sure we use the appropriate and latest products for this purpose.

Also, we have a RAINBOW installed. It is a water-based system that daily cleans and purifies the air. Taking out any pollution that can affect anyone. (The company claims the product addresses COVID)

Only the faculty and teachers in charge are allowed to enter the premises. There are strict measures to ensure that no one else enters the campus.

To prepare our students to start their daily activities, we first make sure of their safety. A teacher is in charge of receiving the students from the driveway and checking their temperature. Once inside, the students are instructed to change their shoes and wash their hands.

The precautions aren’t just for the students. We make sure our faculty takes the required measures:

  1. Checking their temperatures every day before starting work.
  2. Washing their hands round the clock.
  3. Wearing masks as a uniform.
  4. And most importantly, making sure the students do the same.

All toys and surfaces touched in any activity are sanitized rigorously before and after use. These include the cots to sleep.

Our food comes from a reputable catering place: Handcut Food. There are individual containers for each person.

The ‘HiMama’ app allows parents to be in constant communication with their children. Also, keeping them up-to-date with any activity going on at school.