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Welcome To
Early Learning Foundations Preschool!

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Welcome To
Early Learning Foundations Preschool

Lincoln Park • Old Town • Gold Coast

Early Learning Foundations Preschool (ELF) is a small preschool centrally located in the Lincoln Park area near the Gold Coast and North Loop neighborhoods in Chicago. We are very close to many cultural resources such as the Farm in the Zoo, so walking field trips are a regular treat for our young preschoolers.

Early Learning Foundations Preschool (ELF) is a warm, friendly preschool. Every staff member knows each child and gives them the individual attention they deserve. We work closely with parents in making a smooth, easy transition from the familiar surroundings of home to the nurturing atmosphere of our school. Our open door policy encourages parents to visit their child and to participate in school activities.

About ELF Preschool, LLC

ELF’s teachers have extensive childcare experience, education, and state certification. Equally important for us is that they are warm caring people. With her psychology background, our director Manira Weathers is well qualified to help parents, children, and staff. Our monthly newsletter helps keep you informed about upcoming field trips, special events, and other activities.

“ELF Preschool is dedicated to a multi-cultural environment, rich in diversity both in the student groups and teaching staff.”

Contact ELF Preschool

Early Learning Foundations Preschool
1455 North Clark Street
Chicago, Illinois 60610
Phone: (312) 787-9021
Email: elfdirector@comcast.net